Grace Encourages…

There is a tendency for those of us who’ve been burned-or flat out abused-by a church experience to almost violently reject any kind of encouragement to do something or change anything and then label it legalism or a kind of pharisaical religiosity. I get it, I truly do. But when the light of the Gospel of Grace opens your eyes and the shackles of trying to prove yourself worthy of that falls off, the bible still contains words that encourage us. Some of the “do’s” are still there. They are still there, but they’re now divorced from any worry of meeting the high standard set by them, or trying to hold up your “obedience” as a trophy to prove your worth to God, or as the key that grants you entrance to His kingdom. In other words, sometimes, even as we relish our freedom under the banner of God’s Grace, we are encouraged to do things. Continue reading “Grace Encourages…”


Simply Christ and Him Crucified

 And I, when I came to you, brothers, did not come proclaiming to you the testimony of God with lofty speech or wisdom. For I decided to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ and him crucified. And I was with you in weakness and in fear and much trembling, and my speech and my message were not in plausible words of wisdom but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power, so that your faith might not rest in the wisdom of men but in the power of God. 1 CORINTHIANS 2:1-5

What does it mean to know nothing but Christ and him crucified? The “bare-bones” of all of Scripture is summed up in Christ’s person and work, which rescues us from sin and death. To preach Christ and him crucified is to keep the message simple and accessible.
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Church Plant Memoirs: A Plea for Prayer

With the new year fast approaching, I wanted to give you one more article from the church plant memoirs. This is less an article, and more a plea. A month ago, my pastor encouraged me to take the pulpit from him one Sunday evening this coming January. I’m reluctantly agreeing, with the caveat that he have a sermon prepared just in case. Though I’ve spoken briefly at men’s ministry events, this will be the first time I’ll be preparing and preaching a sermon on a Sunday. Everyone has their first time, and at 48 years old, this will be mine. When I started helping with this church plant, preaching was the furthest from my mind. Of course, I never thought I’d be driving into the city on a weekly(sometimes more than weekly) basis to help out with a church plant. The plans of man versus the plans of God and all that jazz. Right? Continue reading “Church Plant Memoirs: A Plea for Prayer”

Me Too…

Just some old thought on from a Christmas past

The Defeated Victor

(Originally written in 2015 – and sadly still relevant for me too)

As I began this post, It’s the Saturday morning before Christmas and I’m tucked away in a corner booth in a local diner all by myself. While I wait for my eggs, I go for the comfort food of choice, Rice Krispies. It doesn’t have quite the same “snap, crackle, pop” I remember, but it’s a wonderful connection to memories past. Something about hearing those sounds and feeling the airy crunch makes me long for no responsibility except waking up early enough for Saturday morning cartoons.

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Consider This Christmas Eve…

Consider This Christmas Eve…

Before the festivities start tonight, consider:

Consider your failings. Consider your doubts and struggles to be good parents, spouses and even adult children. Consider how you feel in those moments when you wonder if you haven’t screwed it up beyond repair. Continue reading “Consider This Christmas Eve…”

The CHF Articles: I Am The Reason For The Season

I apologize to you, all the people of the world.

I apologize for my part in making Christmas necessary. I have learned that Christ is NOT the reason for the season, I am. It’s true. All the sin and shame I bear for all my wrongdoings have made it a necessity for Christ to come in the form of a man, being born of a virgin. Right from my birth, scarred with a heart that needed cleansing, my very existence meant that a sacrifice would be needed on my behalf. Continue reading “The CHF Articles: I Am The Reason For The Season”

Church Plant Memoirs: Terror and Vulnerability

As of this writing, New York City has once again become the target of a terrorist attack. By God’s great mercy, no one was hurt severely. With that thought in mind, New Yorkers, in a kind of defiance to those who would seek to strike fear into this great metropolitan city, got back to being about their business rather quickly. This attack, unlike others, will end up as nothing more than a historical footnote, but we also know this probably won’t be the last attack. Still, we move on, living our lives, going to work, shopping, etc… Continue reading “Church Plant Memoirs: Terror and Vulnerability”

The CHF Articles: The Daily Struggle… The Victory Won!

Sometimes, I wish I was much older. Old enough to realize that my best, most influential, and productive days are behind me so that I could speak completely and openly about my life, my triumphs, and most of all, my struggles. Having a sense that the end is nearer seems to allow for an open honesty that can be extremely therapeutic personally, as well be full of lessons for others to learn from it, if done right and applied correctly. Most would say as you get older, you lose your filter. Maybe that’s true. God certainly knows every hidden corner of my life. As a result, the most brutal aspects of my life, past, present, and future are laid bare before God. I hold nothing back from Him, as if I could. Even the things I “strategically forget”, He knows in horrifying detail. Continue reading “The CHF Articles: The Daily Struggle… The Victory Won!”

The CHF Articles: Yet Faith Remains…

Almost every day during the warmer months, I take a stroll on the boardwalk near my home. Sometimes, I’m up early enough to see the sun burst forth from the horizon, and some days I get out at just the right time to catch it dropping from view. These are remarkable visions to behold and worthy of praising God for all that He has made. There are times I do marvel at them, and then there are other times. The other times scare me. They make me fear for my very soul. They are those times when you see great beauty day in and day out and find them uninspiring. Continue reading “The CHF Articles: Yet Faith Remains…”

The CHF Articles: Death And The Gospel

A while back, my wife and I attended the wake and memorial service of a friend from a prior church we attended. He was in his 50’s, died unexpectedly, and left behind a wife and an adult daughter. It was hard to see him laying in that coffin, especially since he was only few years older than me. He was a faithful Christian and a hard worker, who also served his country and played the trombone like nobody’s business. Continue reading “The CHF Articles: Death And The Gospel”

Here We Still Stand and Beyond!

Confession time.

I’m about to write something that will be probably be unpopular. Amid a great cloud of witnesses that get the grace of God that I am fortunate to count myself lucky to be a part of, I’ve decided to write a little about works. In fact, a specific work. Yes, I said it. I’m going to write about law, the “imperatives”, the “do” in light of the “done”. If I’m lucky, I’ll annoy people on both sides of the argument in regards to doing the law vs resting in grace. Take it for what it is. 

I recently risked life and limb by boarding a plane and traveling clear across the country so I could do nothing more than sit and hear good gospel proclamation. During the HERE WE STILL STAND conference, I heard teachings on the Reformation, the Five Solas, and on how this Lutheran distinction of the Scriptures came to be. I, along with others, traveled to San Diego California, by cars, planes and trains for this momentous occasion that was the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s famous nailing of the 95 theses. Some were so desperate for the unencumbered message of grace that was eventually freed by the Reformation, that they even came from as far as United Kingdom, Australia and other far off lands. True story! 

The people there were from all different denominations, and they came because they see conferences like this, which started a few years ago, like a kind of family reunion, but even better. We get family, and we get a message of grace. That’s something not often seen at a regular family gathering. Oh, the lengths one would go to experience this brief taste of Heaven? I overcame a paralyzing fear of flying, for example. 

Now, I have to be real here. As much as I like to say we’ve “cornered the market” this isn’t a new phenomenon. Churches of different denominations and confessions believe they have the goods for their people(and others), and will do things to light a fire or encourage them, and just like this gaggle of graced-out 1517 Christholdfastians, people will go enthusiastically, and travel over great distances to hear the truth as they believe it. I used to go on retreats with an old church, and we’d walk away from our mountain cabins, and be told that, “We are like Moses coming down from the mountain. God’s glory is on us now. Don’t waste it.” It’s not one of my proudest moments. The point is, there are plenty of organizations out there that promise something they say is good, and because they do, people follow with enthusiasm.

Some confessional Lutherans, who sometimes appear to prop themselves up as the sworn “enemies” of anything that hints at Lutheranism, without looking like an exact carbon copy, have their own conference gatherings as well. They have their steadfast converts that travel great distances in the hope they will hear and learn truth. Like any other group, they circle their own wagons theologically, even if something or someone gets trampled on in the process. I think, like our more confessional brothers and sisters, we can be guilty of this as well. We can be so gung-ho for the message of grace, we damn (with words or actions) anyone who doesn’t see it that way.

Whether we like to admit it or not, we are both adhering to truths, even if in practice it lacks compassion. I need to remind myself of that sometimes. When I don’t remind myself, and I fall into that trap of condemning, I know that grace is not at the forefront of my mind.

But despite our differences the same question remains for any group: What next? 

We traversed this past October over great distances for the glory of grace preached from a conference in San Diego, California, just as other Lutherans, Reformed, and other Christians held firm to sound doctrines in smaller gatherings in some fly over states for the same reason. The reality is that grace is an emphasis within those doctrines, even if we don’t always see it. Even when we fail to practice it, and we all, at times, fail to practice it.

So, whatever your classic historical position that falls into Christian orthodoxy is, even if we don’t agree on every theological nuance, what do we do when we get in our cars, or take our planes and trains and go home? Are we so radical in our defense of grace, or the doctrines of grace, or our Lutheranism, that we never step out of our comfort zone to share what we know? It appears Christ Hold Fast is an organization designed to do this, or at least to encourage this, and I’ve seen this played out personally. But, we must face facts. We, Christians in general, sometimes just want to stuff our faces full, and only come up for air to talk about it with others that already get it. Just as a friend said to me once about Lutherans “hiding this good news theology”, which can be a fair argument, I think we should be careful that we don’t take this message of grace and hide it away for good measure.

Whether we care to admit it, most of us desperate for good theology and good grace filled teachings, will cross hundreds, even thousands of miles to get it, and still have trouble crossing a room or even a phone line to share it personally with someone. This is an area I lack in as well. I want to be part of this great cloud of witness that spit grace every chance they get. It’s no different from our more confessional counterparts, who want to be in good community as well. For all the hemming and hawing, we are all the same in many ways. To be honest, similarities exist even across a myriad number of denominations. In the end, it’s easy to receive good things, but to give it out, that’s the hard rub there.

This is where the “do” comes in.

We do have this grace to give out to others and we should be doing it. We should be givers of grace to others, in deeds, but also in words. We all want people to know Christ, with all the mercy and grace found at the foot of the cross. We can’t just be consumers. We need to be sharing this good news. We all have something we sound the trumpet about in our lives on occasion. New jobs, raises, births, weddings, etc… We love to tell people good news. We love to have people come and share in our joy over it. We celebrate it, and have grand parties over it at times.

But, I know this is different.

I know to share this news of God’s grace is not easy. It’s one of the reasons we like pithy sayings, like “Preach the Gospel, if necessary use words”, or “you may be the only Jesus people ever see.” We love this stuff because it allows us to abdicate our responsibility to use words. Actions are necessary. They serve our neighbors and loved ones. It allows a hand of God to be active in their life by providing for them using everyday means. People still need to know Christ loves them, lived for them, died for them. They still need to hear the truth of the Gospel. The truth that Grace reigns from on high. Sometimes they even need to be reminded they need grace because of sin. They need Christ because of sin.

And that’s why it’s difficult.

It’s difficult because we know any Gospel conversation, will eventually lead to the word sin. Phrase it however you want to, at some point, you’re going to sound judgmental and “churchy.” Some may hear it and respond well. Others may not and reject you for it. Let’s face it, none of us like rejection. It’s full of icky feelings that bring you low and it usually compounds on top of a myriad number of other issues you probably have and haven’t revealed to anyone. (There’s grace for those too, by the way.) It’s hard to share the actual words of the gospel. Much easier to be a demonstration of God’s kindness. Again, I am just as guilty.

Let me close with this. Whatever Christian denomination you’re in, despite our nature to go off on tangents in our desire for scalpel-like theological precision, or some physical manifestation of God in our lives by the movement of some gift within us, at the heart of them all is the message of God’s grace poured out for the world. His rescue of people from sin and death. I’m not demanding you, “GO AND DO IT OR ELSE!” I’m asking you to look for opportunities to share this news. If I’m really being honest, ask God to open your eyes to those opportunities not just outside of church but within the walls of your congregation as well. I needed it, I know others do too.

As much as you do this or don’t do this, there is no tally, no recording to make sure you’re doing your part. God’s grace reigns over all your attempts to share the Gospel, including the failed attempts. The ones where you just couldn’t sum up the courage to do it. He doesn’t keep track that way. He sees Christ’s life covering you. He validates that truth with the words, “Well, done good and faithful servant.”

Serve your neighbor. Share the Gospel. Use words. Do it freely without obligation or the need for further validation.


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The CHF Articles: We All Sink Like Peter

If there is one thing I like about Peter, it’s his failures. He was bold and passionate about following Jesus, and yet he would also at times fall flat on his face. I could only imagine all the things that weren’t written about him. It seemed to be a part of his nature. This carried on even after the Spirit was given at Pentecost. We know this because Paul had to challenge Peter on at least one occasion about playing favorites. Again, it just makes me wonder what a fuller picture of Peter’s life would reveal. Continue reading “The CHF Articles: We All Sink Like Peter”