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Christ’s Heirloom

When a family heirloom is passed down from generation to generation. It’s sentimental worth, and why it is considered so priceless, is usually found most in the family that holds it dear to them. It may be worth something monetarily, but it’s true worth is in what it represent historically or emotionally to that person or family. To nearly anyone else it could be so much junk and just one more thing for the garbage truck to cart away…

God ascribes to us worth because he can and chooses to, and not because there is anything in us is of any worth or good. God grabs hold of us and says, “you are worthy because you are an heirloom of Christ, his life, his death, and his resurrection.” God looks at us like a precious family treasure, though pieces missing, porcelain cracked or wood chipped. Because of Christ, He examines us as if looking at something that would be the prize of any collection. He looks at us, and sees His Son who we are now hidden in.

The gift of that saving faith in Christ’s redeeming work, hands us to God and He sees that and says this one is precious to me. This happens even though Satan tries to remind us of our worthlessness, making us feel as if we are worthy of nothing more than being thrown atop a scrap-heap of sin and destruction.

God’s amazing grace makes us an heirloom He cherishes…

Note: Obviously this is a more abstract thought about God, but I believe the heart of the Gospel is in it. If I am wrong or you feel I’ve misrepresented God in this, please feel free to contact me for correction.

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