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We’ve All Lived The Saturday Before…

This is a follow up to my Good Friday post. It’s just another attempt to really consider where his followers stood right before that Resurrection Sunday. My desire is that as we get closer to Easter, we might consider more deeply his death so we might relish more His return.

Have you ever considered this day?

This is the day after Jesus’ death. No one expected a resurrection, or a stone rolled away. No one thought he’d appear in some way. He was dead to his followers. I have unfortunately felt the loss of both my parents, and it can take a little time to really set in that they are gone, and not just away somewhere. I imagine a similar feeling for them.

Today was the day it started to settle in that this Savior-this Messiah-was gone. As good as his teachings were, he was probably thought of right at that moment, like many unbelievers think of him today. Jesus was a great teacher and then he died.

How troubled they must have felt. This man who they left family and jobs for, because they believed in him so much, was gone.

How deep did this loss feel?

How much greater the reward of seeing him alive hours later?

For us, how deep in the realization of our own sins do WE have to be, to rejoice in the reward of knowing that there is this living Savior who forgives us and rescues us from our despair? Just like his apostles and followers were amazed at seeing him alive, even touching his wounds to make sure, so we too are amazed when we first realize that Jesus is real and living and calls us to him.

Is it any wonder when he revealed himself, newly resurrected, that his followers were so profoundly changed, so much more willing to follow and even DIE for him.

We have all lived that Saturday before the truth was revealed!

Just a thought to reflect on today.



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