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Heaven “Bound”

Are you heaven “bound”?

I don’t mean bound as if your headed on some trip,

following this road, or that, to bring you where you want to be at,

so all your greatest desires will be fulfilled.

That’s a reality of Heaven that doesn’t exist!

It’s the Devil’s greatest myth!

It keeps you focused on you, and what you can do to save yourself,

instead of what is Truth, and that the narrow path is the only route.

With roads paved with gold, and waters like glass,

it’s only a beautiful background for what will last,

and that’s us in worship, to the Holy and Supreme One.

The background will pale by comparison to Father, Spirit & Son.

What we see now is our own interpretation of divine inspiration.

It’s why we focus too often on us instead of Him.

But, if we could get even just one taste,

We’d realize, Heaven is NOT a default place!

That if you’re just “good enough”, you’ll get in by the skin of your teeth.

Or that Heaven would be blessed to have you in its keep.

No, that’s not the bound that I’m tossing around.

It means you are inextricably woven into the fabric of the garment worn by the King.

You have been grafted into a life-giving vine.

You have roots planted by living water.

And given a yoke which is easy, and a burden that’s light.

You’re part of a cord twisted together with Christ.

That makes you unbreakable and unshakable!

He is your passport to the sweet by and by.

You have been sworn in, and made a citizen of the greatest nation that you will ever see,

one that will always be.

So put your faith in the Holy One of Israel,

and trust not in your own understanding.

Know that you follow One who’ll always reign,

a King who’s also our High Priest,

a Lord, who will bow down to wash OUR feet.

So cast all other allegiances aside,

and rest in His love and forever abide.


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