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Statues Fall, Christ Remains


You have never given up, never surrendered.

Even upon dying, you never wavered.

You never stood stronger than when you hung on that cross.

If not for the nails, you’d stretched your arms further out as you catch all who are lost.

It was your love that held you there,

As blood poured down to give new life.

No other death ever meant more than yours.

No other life is examined and honored, and ridiculed like yours.

No other person is as controversial.

No other’s love is as unconditional.

Nearly every earthly king with subjects under thumb,

Built homages to themselves with paintings or statues.

Chins point high in arrogance, one arm outstretched,

Wielding swords pointed even further upwards.

Maybe, sitting on a mighty steed,

To show who’s in charge, …who leads.

Dominance. Power. Control. Arrogance.

It say’s “Look here, before you was a man great in his works.”

But only to himself…

So great,  he built a statue to remind us.

As they try to forget the worst.

Now, look again to Christ.

The moment of his greatest act of power, leadership, courage,

Was slumped down with a cross on his back, held up only by nails. 

Chin not high, but dipped low, blood pouring down.

He didn’t say follow me or else.

He simply said, “I love you, all is forgiven.”

With this mighty portrayal of man in excruciating pain,

We see what it means to be a true King.

For what is a King?

It’s not someone who merely goes to battle for his kingdom

But one that is at the front of his army, leading the charge for freedom.

And Christ did more!

Jesus not only led the charge, to die so all may live.

But sent everyone home from the battlefield.

And then he rose, to give us the victory we didn’t win. 

What king ever painted a clearer picture of his sovereignty?

What king ever loved his subjects more?

None, but Him.

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