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Day One, Everyday

Sometimes, we need a little law, don’t we? 

We need to be reminded what’s a better choice for us, what’s a good direction to go in, when we just need to slow down. 

As this year comes to end, here’s a reminder that I’m just like you.

I made some resolutions. 

I have some goals to reach for that I know will be good for me. 

Goal # 1


This is the “big” one. Pun may or may not have been intended. 

I am once again at my heaviest, but there’s an added caveat, I had a heart attack two years ago. So the extra weight isn’t helping me. The more a weight, the more my heart has to work. Losing weight this year is essential. While it’s true God knows the number of my days, I don’t, but I’m hoping he’s factored in the weight I haven’t lost yet. That is going to take an sustained effort of me moving more and more. 

Goal # 2


More than wanting to read, I want to retain it. I feel like the information is gone as quickly as I turn the page. Doesn’t matter what I read. Maybe that’s why I struggle with reading so much. Why read what I can’t remember? So my goal here is to read and really try to absorb what I’m taking in. Please… send your tips for this my way.

Goal # 3


I don’t drink every night. Sometimes I don’t drink for weeks. What I do is drink one too many when I do drink. It’s always at home and I am a pretty quiet drinker. I drink and then I go bed. But it’s still too much and it’s not healthy for my heart either. I also like the way it deadens all the feelings inside a little too much. That’s probably why people eventually let the drink overwhelm them. I’m not there, and I know I won’t ever be. It’s just good to be honest about it. While I’m at it, I probably should lay off the coffee as well. 

Goal # 4


I have not done well as a father or husband (Though I know my wife would argue with me). I am fortunate to have both my sons still home. That means I have opportunities to be better. I have to fight past my, well… past. There’s a lot of mess ups that make it harder to try. 

There’s a few more things. Some of them are the usual suspects. But these are a good start. And that’s really what we are all gunning for in the new year… A good start. That’s my hope. I’m sure it’s yours too. 


I’m going to treat everyday, like day one. I want to start the day, with no history behind it. If I have a good January 1st, then I’ll try to have a good January 2nd. If I have a bad January 1st, I’ll try to have a good January 2nd.

Because of Christ, I have no past to be ashamed of, though that’s hard to remember sometimes. Because of Christ, I have a ledger already filled with “well done’s” 

That’s how I want to enter 2022. That’s how I want to engage these resolutions. 

My resolutions are for the day I wake up.

I’m forgiven if I fail, and encouraged if I don’t. Repeat next day. 

I have no idea if it’ll work. We’ll see. 

Today, I had my last Big Mac. In a few minutes, I’ll have my last drink. Tomorrow, I’ll move, then I’ll rest and hopefully read. I’ll try better to engage the life around me. 

(I know its not January 1st. I’m trying to get a head start on these resolutions, OK?) 

Time will tell… 

Happy New Year.

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