The CHF Articles: Put Your Trust In Jonah

No, that is not a typo. I am telling you to put your trust in this Old Testament prophet. I want you to look at him and be assured of God’s love for you. Continue reading “The CHF Articles: Put Your Trust In Jonah”


The CHF Articles: My Always Reliable Hope

Do you have something in your life that you know, without a doubt, you can rely on? Is there something or maybe someone that you know for sure, that on your worst day, it or they won’t let you down?  Do you find some solace in coming home to familiar surroundings after a long day at work, or get comfort in the pages of an old book that never disappoints no matter how many times you read it? Maybe it’s in the reliability of having a spouse or friend that will always be there for you. I know our hope is not in the reliability of any specific thing or people, but for example, I’d like to think my wife is there for me no matter what. My friend Jonathan, far away as he is now, is my best bud that I can call on at anytime. There is a comfort in knowing that there are people in your life that you know you can always rely on. Reliability is important. It eases your mind over certain situations.

Source: My Always Reliable Hope

The CHF Articles: Never Far Away

Why am I not surprised when people have a need to feel, touch or sense God in some tangible way? Part of it probably has to do with my church experience consisting of denominations that place a fairly strong emphasis on some form of tangible, experiential expression of God.

Source: Never Far Away