The CHF Articles: God Alone Saves, Right?

Can you help me out?

I find in the pages of the Bible, a God who constantly saves. Right from the start, He proves this by rescuing Adam and Eve from their poor choice to rebel and sin. In doing that, he sets up a system that reconciles the world. That’s right, from the very first infraction, God rolls up his sleeves and says, “everyone will need this, not just these two knuckleheads.” Then He covers them with animal skin, a sacrifice, a foreshadowing of that ultimate redemption found in the blood of Christ shed for us. Continue reading “The CHF Articles: God Alone Saves, Right?”


The CHF Articles: Baptism’s Promise

A promise was made to my older brother roughly 50 years ago. He was just an infant and had no idea that this promise was being set upon him. It was a promise that wasn’t his to fulfill. It carried with it no stipulations or loopholes that could void it. It was a one-sided agreement to protect and keep him. The most he could ever do was reject it, but even that would be difficult to do. When the water poured out down over his infant head at baptism, the promise was sealed. God would call this child-my brother-His own. The catholic priest would have no understanding of this promise. To him, he was washing away original sin.

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