The CHF Articles: God Alone Saves, Right?

Can you help me out?

I find in the pages of the Bible, a God who constantly saves. Right from the start, He proves this by rescuing Adam and Eve from their poor choice to rebel and sin. In doing that, he sets up a system that reconciles the world. That’s right, from the very first infraction, God rolls up his sleeves and says, “everyone will need this, not just these two knuckleheads.” Then He covers them with animal skin, a sacrifice, a foreshadowing of that ultimate redemption found in the blood of Christ shed for us. Continue reading “The CHF Articles: God Alone Saves, Right?”


Christ: Our Perfect Resolution Keeper

New Year Devotional –

For all life’s difficulties, there’s something about January 1 that renews people’s hope. It symbolizes a fresh start, a new beginning. In the time it takes for the ball to drop, people have already formed in their mind that this day and the new year represents a clean slate. Whether a learned response or some aspect of our nature, we all grab hold of this in some way. Continue reading “Christ: Our Perfect Resolution Keeper”

Understanding Scripture ‎

Christians love to talk about how you can read a scripture a hundred times and miss the point, and then all of a sudden, BOOM! God throws His revelation smack-down on you, and you, in awesome wonder try to understand why you never saw it before. Some will cite that God all of a sudden “deposited truth in your spirit”, as if you didn’t have this ability to comprehend what was there before. But that doesn’t jibe for me. There are plenty of unbelieving scholars and professors, hollow and empty of God, that grasp those things and simply don’t believe them. Continue reading “Understanding Scripture ‎”

Just 10 More Pounds…

Nothing like talking about weight loss!

I get so tired of being fat. A few years ago, I “slimmed down” to roughly 230 pounds, and was feeling pretty good about myself. Now, that’s not skinny for a short guy, but with my frame, it wasn’t bad as I continued on. Well, for a variety of factors, which included stress and laziness, my weight went back up, topping at a whopping 261 pounds, which is to date, my heaviest. It took me awhile, but eventually I did reenter the “bulge battle.” When I did, it was like starting over.  It felt like turning the key on a cold engine in an old car. It sometimes takes a while to catch, but eventually it turns over, then you throw it in gear, and you’re on your way. Presently at this time, I am 40 pounds lighter with 25 or so to go, but frankly, there are days I’m just tired of trying. I’d rather poke a hole in the “gas line”, or pull a few “wires” so I can leave the car in the driveway and stay right where I am. Continue reading “Just 10 More Pounds…”

The CHF Articles: The Good Struggle?

I have to admit, there are times that I’m still completely susceptible to self-serving salvation projects. Even in my writing, I look for good responses from people, and find some worth for myself in them. I guess in some way it’s OK. We are writing, and when we write, we hope people respond and it does make us feel good when it’s a positive response. We get those same feelings when we do a good deed for someone, or knock it out of the park at work. Whatever it is, there is a little “Rah! Rah! Go Me!”, in everything we do. I do think its different from complete reliance on people for your personal happiness.

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The Gospel in Being a Christian

This was an article originally published on a phenomenal gospel-saturated, grace-focused, Christ-exalting ministry website named TWO ROSES. Unfortunately, the curators of that ministry have closed up shop. I wish the best to the two young gentlemen that ran it, and hope they continue to remember how important grace is to the believer. 

Now read on!

I’m a Christian and naturally to be a Christian is to be one in every environment. That means I’m a Christian at home. I love my wife, guide my children and help my neighbors. It means I’m a Christian at work. I am diligent in my profession and I’m an example to follow to all who come in contact with me. I’m a Christian with my friends. I love them and encourage them and serve them in all things. I’m a Christian in the world. I am the best tipper where I eat, and the most respectful customer where I shop. Whoever I’m engaged with throughout my day will be blessed by our interaction. Finally, I’m a Christian when I’m home alone. When no ones around, I successfully refrain from porn, pray without ceasing, and always do my devotionals and bible reading. Continue reading “The Gospel in Being a Christian”

The CHF Articles: Baptism’s Promise

A promise was made to my older brother roughly 50 years ago. He was just an infant and had no idea that this promise was being set upon him. It was a promise that wasn’t his to fulfill. It carried with it no stipulations or loopholes that could void it. It was a one-sided agreement to protect and keep him. The most he could ever do was reject it, but even that would be difficult to do. When the water poured out down over his infant head at baptism, the promise was sealed. God would call this child-my brother-His own. The catholic priest would have no understanding of this promise. To him, he was washing away original sin.

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The CHF Articles: Repentant Enough?

If you’ve been in church long enough, you might have seen the worst of someone’s unrepentant sin get them kicked out, cast out, excommunicated or “handed over to Satan so their flesh might die and their soul might live.” Maybe, you’ve been the one cast out or you quietly “pumped a fist” (at least in your head), happy to see someone, “get what they deserve.” This casting out may have even been a leader or a pastor who fell into grave misconduct. Whatever the case and however it’s done within the local church body, once judgement rightly falls, and the person, now confronted and broken by their sin, repents, what next?

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