Jesus: Better Than The Prophets

I’ve been reading through the book of Hebrews, trying to grasp the truths that are there, and thought I’d share what I found. Your input is always appreciated and even more, your grace is coveted for my mistakes, both in style AND substance. Continue reading “Jesus: Better Than The Prophets”


Detroit: 72 Hours of Frankness

May 7th, 2017

It was a long weekend.

It was the typical three days, but I crammed so much in, that by 2:00 AM Monday morning when I pulled into my driveway, I think I heard my body audibly sigh in relief. I had spent the weekend in Michigan, and I got there the best way I know how that didn’t require my feet to leave the ground. In other words, I drove. It was worth the nine-hour trek through the raging rain and windstorm. It was worth it for even the few hours, and sometimes only minutes, I got to spend with people as we invested into each other’s lives. Continue reading “Detroit: 72 Hours of Frankness”

The Gospel in Being a Christian

This was an article originally published on a phenomenal gospel-saturated, grace-focused, Christ-exalting ministry website named TWO ROSES. Unfortunately, the curators of that ministry have closed up shop. I wish the best to the two young gentlemen that ran it, and hope they continue to remember how important grace is to the believer. 

Now read on!

I’m a Christian and naturally to be a Christian is to be one in every environment. That means I’m a Christian at home. I love my wife, guide my children and help my neighbors. It means I’m a Christian at work. I am diligent in my profession and I’m an example to follow to all who come in contact with me. I’m a Christian with my friends. I love them and encourage them and serve them in all things. I’m a Christian in the world. I am the best tipper where I eat, and the most respectful customer where I shop. Whoever I’m engaged with throughout my day will be blessed by our interaction. Finally, I’m a Christian when I’m home alone. When no ones around, I successfully refrain from porn, pray without ceasing, and always do my devotionals and bible reading. Continue reading “The Gospel in Being a Christian”

God Has A “Specific” Plan For Your Life!

…A Parable

Myles was a drug addict before he came to faith in Christ. Now, He uses that past life to minister to other addicts in his community. He does his best to help by using the gift he believes God has specifically given him. Most of all, he shares the Gospel with them. Some hear the words, and are moved by them to repent and trust in Christ. Some others hear the words and leave unaffected. Whatever the circumstances or results, Myles keeps on walking out that specific plan God has for his life. Continue reading “God Has A “Specific” Plan For Your Life!”

Why I’m NOT A Christian…

My life feels like a mess some  days. I feel more and more like I’ve failed in so many areas of my life, but most of all, in my Christian faith. In fact, some days I just don’t feel very “Christian” and if you were to honestly examine my life, I wonder if you would find any doubt of that. So why am I not a Christian? Why don’t I feel like one? Continue reading “Why I’m NOT A Christian…”

The CHF Articles: Miles To Go…

I was excited and eager to start my journey. I was driving from NYC to Florida to attend the Christ Hold Fast Conference in Orlando, meet some dear friends, and make some new ones. I had over a thousand miles to go, and despite the countless podcasts and pandora stations, 16 hours in a car by yourself can feel like a long time. Your mind can’t help but wander, and mine did.

Continue reading “The CHF Articles: Miles To Go…”