Consider This Christmas Eve…

Consider This Christmas Eve…

Before the festivities start tonight, consider:

Consider your failings. Consider your doubts and struggles to be good parents, spouses and even adult children. Consider how you feel in those moments when you wonder if you haven’t screwed it up beyond repair. Continue reading “Consider This Christmas Eve…”


Me Too…

(Originally written in 2015 – and sadly still relevant for me too)

As I began this post, It’s the Saturday morning before Christmas and I’m tucked away in a corner booth in a local diner all by myself. While I wait for my eggs, I go for the comfort food of choice, Rice Krispies. It doesn’t have quite the same “snap, crackle, pop” I remember, but it’s a wonderful connection to memories past. Something about hearing those sounds and feeling the airy crunch makes me long for no responsibility except waking up early enough for Saturday morning cartoons. Continue reading “Me Too…”

The CHF Articles: I Am The Reason For The Season

I apologize to you, all the people of the world.

I apologize for my part in making Christmas necessary. I have learned that Christ is NOT the reason for the season, I am. It’s true. All the sin and shame I bear for all my wrongdoings have made it a necessity for Christ to come in the form of a man, being born of a virgin. Right from my birth, scarred with a heart that needed cleansing, my very existence meant that a sacrifice would be needed on my behalf.

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The CHF Articles: Sort Of Like Jesus For A Day

Prepare yourself. You’re about to be encouraged beyond all encouragement. Are you ready? Here we go…

Very recently, you more than likely acted as close to Jesus as one possibly can.

It’s true, so be happy about it!

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The CHF Articles: When You Don’t Feel Merry…

It’s just about the middle of December and Christmas, as has happened in so many years past, always seems to sneak right up on me. I hear the music, watch holiday sales, see the decorations (right after Halloween) and witness the nativity scenes going up (minus their baby Jesus), as I drive past one church after another. Despite all that, year after year, I never seem to be ready. I don’t remember the last time I had, “The Christmas Spirit.” I wish I could I say it was just the holiday blues, but it’s just enhancing an already miserable ennui that I sometimes find residing in me.

Please… don’t say any variation of, “cheer up.” or “look on the bright side.” Don’t invalidate what someone is going through because you may not understand.

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