Here We Still Stand and Beyond!

Confession time.

I’m about to write something that will be probably be unpopular. Amid a great cloud of witnesses that get the grace of God that I am fortunate to count myself lucky to be a part of, I’ve decided to write a little about works. In fact, a specific work. Yes, I said it. I’m going to write about law, the “imperatives”, the “do” in light of the “done”. If I’m lucky, I’ll annoy people on both sides of the argument in regards to doing the law vs resting in grace. Take it for what it is. 

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Christ For You!

I’ve written two articles that danced around the topic of the 2016 Christ Hold Fast Conference in February. I’ve dealt with my anxiety over meeting people and feelings of whether I belong and I’ve written about the drive there. I’ve also done one podcast that gave an overview of what went on. I was recently challenged by a friend who felt that I was implying a sense of exclusivity or elitism when I spoke of the Lutheran doctrines that were taught at the conference. While it really wasn’t the case, I’m also not going to shy away from the truth that these doctrines find themselves most comfortable resting within the Lutheran faith. Continue reading “Christ For You!”