No Darkness Too Dark: No More Games

I wrote this a few years ago and had it published on two websites, Dropping Keys and Key Life. It’s a weird little tale and the style I wrote it in was the best way I knew how to get it on “paper.” It helped me understand that there is no darkness too dark in your life that the light of Christ can’t illuminate. There are no hiding places from forgiveness, mercy and grace.     

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The CHF Articles: Our Rescue In The Darkness

If you read my posts here or on my own site, you’ll find that most of my writings lean toward the issue of dark times or brokenness in our lives. Oh, I write about other stuff, such as understanding scripture, life and work occasionally, but I find coming to the keyboard in those darker moments, the most revelatory and therapeutic. It helps me face up to those things. While I don’t often outwardly exclaim an emphatic, “VICTORY!” over those battles for all to hear, I do find God’s strength and hope encouraging me forward.

I imagine that I’m not alone in this. That, there are people wrestling and struggling and trying to make sense of what’s going on in their lives or at least trying to find that something that will give you a sort of respite from it all.

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