Simple Nostalgia

Yesterday, I went for a walk during lunch.

This walk took me places I hadn’t been in a long time. Working near your childhood home will afford you that luxury. As I passed buildings, new and old, it reminded me of my youth and how my friends and I ruled this kingdom by walking its borders, pushing the boundaries of our land further out as we got older. There was a time when I felt like I knew every nook and cranny of this familiar landscape. I knew every escape route to safely excavate ourselves from the looming judgment of any disapproving adults ready to pounce on our fun. There were tiny pockets of “forests” in this concrete jungle, that gave us enough of an illusion that a jungle existed here, perfect for a rousing game of manhunt. Continue reading “Simple Nostalgia”


Christ Hold Fast… Please!

When you’re in that place of emptiness, what else is there to say? When your sin is larger than life, and you feel as if it has you on the ropes, what gets you through the day? How do you even survive the night? Continue reading “Christ Hold Fast… Please!”

Just 10 More Pounds…

Nothing like talking about weight loss!

I get so tired of being fat. A few years ago, I “slimmed down” to roughly 230 pounds, and was feeling pretty good about myself. Now, that’s not skinny for a short guy, but with my frame, it wasn’t bad as I continued on. Well, for a variety of factors, which included stress and laziness, my weight went back up, topping at a whopping 261 pounds, which is to date, my heaviest. It took me awhile, but eventually I did reenter the “bulge battle.” When I did, it was like starting over.  It felt like turning the key on a cold engine in an old car. It sometimes takes a while to catch, but eventually it turns over, then you throw it in gear, and you’re on your way. Presently at this time, I am 40 pounds lighter with 25 or so to go, but frankly, there are days I’m just tired of trying. I’d rather poke a hole in the “gas line”, or pull a few “wires” so I can leave the car in the driveway and stay right where I am. Continue reading “Just 10 More Pounds…”

The CHF Articles: The Good Struggle?

I have to admit, there are times that I’m still completely susceptible to self-serving salvation projects. Even in my writing, I look for good responses from people, and find some worth for myself in them. I guess in some way it’s OK. We are writing, and when we write, we hope people respond and it does make us feel good when it’s a positive response. We get those same feelings when we do a good deed for someone, or knock it out of the park at work. Whatever it is, there is a little “Rah! Rah! Go Me!”, in everything we do. I do think its different from complete reliance on people for your personal happiness.

Continue reading “The CHF Articles: The Good Struggle?”

On The Edge Of Sin

We’d like to think sin is hidden away where no one can see it, but it’s not. It’s not simply done in the darkness that comes with the night, but in the darkness of our hearts and minds in the middle of the day. There are days that I walk oblivious to it all. Not paying attention to my surroundings. There are other days, where the darkness screams out at me from others all around. It’s not my judgement of them, but what I so acutely recognize of myself in what I see. I see the hiddenness of sin with a foothold in the daylight. I see what was once hidden away now embraced by a world tainted by the thistles and thorns of hell. Continue reading “On The Edge Of Sin”

God Has A “Specific” Plan For Your Life!

…A Parable

Myles was a drug addict before he came to faith in Christ. Now, He uses that past life to minister to other addicts in his community. He does his best to help by using the gift he believes God has specifically given him. Most of all, he shares the Gospel with them. Some hear the words, and are moved by them to repent and trust in Christ. Some others hear the words and leave unaffected. Whatever the circumstances or results, Myles keeps on walking out that specific plan God has for his life. Continue reading “God Has A “Specific” Plan For Your Life!”

What’s Normal?

It’s a few days before the election, and I’m not as concerned about who the next president will be as I am about my own little self-absorbed life. For the past five months or so, I’ve been hard at work on getting my weight down to a reasonable level. That means some vigorous exercise, and watching what I eat, are essential. I’ve done a decent job going from 261lbs down to a mere 216lbs, with roughly 20 or more pounds to go. While the feeling of euphoria in getting on the scale, and seeing the needle dip a little lower each day, is pretty amazing, I’ve hated the process. Though I love what’s staring back at me in the mirror, especially now that I fit in the mirror, the reality is that this process is so far from who I am, I can’t even begin to explain it. I keep hoping that it’ll “kick-in” one day, and I’ll actually like working out, and not eating food that doesn’t appeal to me. I recognize the danger in hating it is that I could go off the rails and rebound with a double cheeseburger in both hands, and a chocolate shake dripping from my chin. Most people yoyo with their weight. I’ve been one of those myself. Because of that, I’m trying to find a happy medium that is loving the results enough to hate, but not reject the process. Continue reading “What’s Normal?”

Moving Closer: Church Life

I haven’t had many golden memories of my life, but as they come to mind, they often help me consider the truths of God.  They may not be perfect analogies, but I think there are truths there that can be conveyed through them. For example, I have a tale of young delinquency, and the grace and mercy my mother showed me at that time. You can check that out as my next post (on 9/12/16). My most recent post brought me back as a young child traveling to the city with my mother, remembering how it all looked as I approached and also how different it was when I stepped out into the streets. It made me consider all its nuances and how similar the church might be in some ways.  I heard a pastor once say, “There are two types of sinners, the ones outside the church, and the ones inside the church.” If that’s true, then there certainly might be some similarities to consider. This is simply an analogy and probably not the best one. But, I think it’s worth considering. This is not another church hatchet job, but a realistic look at that “city set on a hill.” I’ve had my share of bad church experiences. If I’m completely honest, I take the blame or at least a good portion of it. It feels sometimes that I should be farther along, but I guess that’s the point when you get a little closer, the flaws are a lot clearer, and it seems like you have to put a new veneer on them every so often like some of those outdated office building.
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The Lutheran Distinction

I am an amalgamation. Good or bad, that’s what I am. Some of my Lutheran brothers may find this frustrating and it may even make them worried for me. It’s not necessary, but I would understand their concern. I suppose that’s enough cryptic language, and I’ll just go ahead and jump right in. Continue reading “The Lutheran Distinction”

Why I’m NOT A Christian…

My life feels like a mess some  days. I feel more and more like I’ve failed in so many areas of my life, but most of all, in my Christian faith. In fact, some days I just don’t feel very “Christian” and if you were to honestly examine my life, I wonder if you would find any doubt of that. So why am I not a Christian? Why don’t I feel like one? Continue reading “Why I’m NOT A Christian…”