The CHF Articles: Finding Satisfaction In Desolate Places

I wish I was better at seeing the bigger picture. Or maybe, I wish I was simply better at seeing the larger scope of its beauty.

My wife took a trip with her sister to San Francisco, and while there, she had the opportunity to visit Muir Woods. She was amazed at the size and age of the trees there. She showed me pictures of it all, and they were majestic, but all I could see were trees. Maybe my wife has a child-like wonder about these things that I don’t have. I don’t know. My default mode is to see a picture, but it’s not very often that I see the grander scale of what that picture represents. I’m guilty of that in many areas, including what I see and read in scripture.

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Feeding Sheep

During one church service not long ago, I had the pleasure of seeing my pastor being officially ordained into the ministry. He is officially, a “Reverend” now. During the ceremony, one of the charges given to him that came from scripture was John 21:15-17: Continue reading “Feeding Sheep”