The CHF Articles: Repentant Enough?

If you’ve been in church long enough, you might have seen the worst of someone’s unrepentant sin get them kicked out, cast out, excommunicated or “handed over to Satan so their flesh might die and their soul might live.” Maybe, you’ve been the one cast out or you quietly “pumped a fist” (at least in your head), happy to see someone, “get what they deserve.” This casting out may have even been a leader or a pastor who fell into grave misconduct. Whatever the case and however it’s done within the local church body, once judgement rightly falls, and the person, now confronted and broken by their sin, repents, what next? Continue reading “The CHF Articles: Repentant Enough?”


We Need Forgiveness, ALL THE TIME!

One of the most regular, and familiar parts of the current contemporary mainstream evangelical church service is the altar call.

Whether for first time believers walking the aisle wanting to hand their lives over to Jesus, or old mainstays in the church that go up for prayer for some sin or struggle in their life. Inevitably, and without fail, there will always be those repeat offenders that return week after week. Those repeaters run the aisle after every service, needing prayer for the same thing again. Continue reading “We Need Forgiveness, ALL THE TIME!”

Move… Before Death Comes…

I got your life application right here!

First off, Happy New Year! It’s 2017 and there’s a sense of optimism floating about in the air. Now, please allow me to continue that, and bring you more good feelings of gum drops and cherry licorice.

How would you feel if someone you knew suddenly died?

How’s that for warm and fuzzy? I know, I know, you’re quite welcome really. Continue reading “Move… Before Death Comes…”

Letters To Bob…

A friend obtain these letters at extreme danger to himself. He then passed them on to me, and I hereby submit them to my entire blogging audience for the purpose of hopefully grasping the idea of God’s Grace as displayed by Bob, the father of this wayward son. The names, have of course, been changed to protect the parties.*  Continue reading “Letters To Bob…”

Who’s Above Reproach?

Since the very public fall of a prominent pastor(and that’s as much as I’ll directly say about that), I’ve heard plenty of people offering opinions and thoughts of what makes a person “above reproach” to serve as a church leader or pastor. The go to verses are:  Continue reading “Who’s Above Reproach?”

I Am A Sinner

I am a Sinner!

I know that phrase, according to some, is thrown around a bit too much as of late. It’s said that maybe the people who like to use it, like me, look at it almost as if it’s a rite of passage, or a badge to proudly wear. Maybe the reason people don’t like it is because they think we’re making excuses for our sinful natures, and not really letting the Gospel drive us from our sins. I think the terminology for this concern is called antinomianism. The idea that we are not regulated or governed by God’s law anymore because of grace that covers our sins. This allows us to live lawless, sin-rich lives without so much of a care. It’s all a bit too ridiculous how quickly people get labeled an antinomian. I’m not a theologian by any stretch of the word, and that makes me more surprised when I see those that are so heavily studied, quick to call another of their learned brethren a heretic. These seminary alumni would have the most richest sense of what these words mean and should be hesitant to throw any label on someone’s teachings until the most careful of studies. In a bit of irony, you might even say what they’re doing is sinful. Bare false witness lately anyone? Anyone? Continue reading “I Am A Sinner”

Simply Christ and Him Crucified

 And I, when I came to you, brothers, did not come proclaiming to you the testimony of God with lofty speech or wisdom. For I decided to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ and him crucified. And I was with you in weakness and in fear and much trembling, and my speech and my message were not in plausible words of wisdom but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power, so that your faith might not rest in the wisdom of men but in the power of God. 1 CORINTHIANS 2:1-5

What does it mean to know nothing but Christ and him crucified? The “bare-bones” of all of Scripture is summed up in Christ’s person and work, which rescues us from sin and death. To preach Christ and him crucified is to keep the message simple and accessible.
Continue reading “Simply Christ and Him Crucified”

What My Mother Didn’t Know: A Story Of Mercy And Grace.

..but I wasn’t the worst kid.

This is a statement that most of us can probably look at and tack on to the history of our youth when we think fondly about it. Sure, some kids were worse than others, and then there are some we’d probably chuckle at saying, “that wasn’t even close to being bad.” Either way, none of us are angels, and if we were lucky we had parents that disciplined us for our own good and loved us for our best good. This is a story of that best good and how my mother displayed that to me. Continue reading “What My Mother Didn’t Know: A Story Of Mercy And Grace.”

Moving Closer: Church Life

I haven’t had many golden memories of my life, but as they come to mind, they often help me consider the truths of God.  They may not be perfect analogies, but I think there are truths there that can be conveyed through them. For example, I have a tale of young delinquency, and the grace and mercy my mother showed me at that time. You can check that out as my next post (on 9/12/16). My most recent post brought me back as a young child traveling to the city with my mother, remembering how it all looked as I approached and also how different it was when I stepped out into the streets. It made me consider all its nuances and how similar the church might be in some ways.  I heard a pastor once say, “There are two types of sinners, the ones outside the church, and the ones inside the church.” If that’s true, then there certainly might be some similarities to consider. This is simply an analogy and probably not the best one. But, I think it’s worth considering. This is not another church hatchet job, but a realistic look at that “city set on a hill.” I’ve had my share of bad church experiences. If I’m completely honest, I take the blame or at least a good portion of it. It feels sometimes that I should be farther along, but I guess that’s the point when you get a little closer, the flaws are a lot clearer, and it seems like you have to put a new veneer on them every so often like some of those outdated office building.
Continue reading “Moving Closer: Church Life”