The internet is a “world” that we live in, though certainly different from the one whose streets we normally walk. I look out across the internet, and see so many different types of people. Some are guarded, and others are funny. some have an air of seriousness about them, and a few people let themselves be exposed right to the bone. I see lots of, “life is great”, “God has blessed me”, and “everything is awesome!” Even the ones that lay out their lives for others to see so that they may see themselves in it and be comforted and helped, seem to carry their burdens with a measure of strength that appears to say, “yes, I’m a mess, but I’m a neat mess.” It’s more likely I’m reading it through my own messier mess. Continue reading “Words…”

Loving God or Creating an Idol?

Is it possible that we make an idol out of loving God?

I wrote last week on the concept of being “so heavenly-minded that you’re no earthly good”, which you can read HERE. I think it’s a ridiculous expression, and the heart behind saying it is a form of idolatry. I don’t know what it might look like in practice but I imagine to some extent it’s a circling of the wagons. It is cutting yourself off from the world to protect yourself and maybe your family from the dangers lurking behind every crevice of this sin-infested habitat.(as if that’ll work) In reality, being so heavenly-minded you are no earthly good means that you might not be very heavenly-minded to begin with. This brings me to my original question born from that previous article: Continue reading “Loving God or Creating an Idol?”

Don’t Be So… Heavenly-Minded?

Shouldn’t we long for Heaven? 

Practically, we are here on this earth to live and proclaim Christ with our mouths, and our lives. To possibly suffer trials and difficulties, as well as enjoy the blessings of God for the Glory of God. In daily practice, as much as we are able, we are called to resist sin, and trust that Christ’s perfect work in his life and death are working in us and through us. Despite those real tangible things occurring in and around our lives, isn’t it that final destination that should be our ultimate desire? Shouldn’t being with Him, directly, personally, be the final desire of every believer? A place where we might finally once and for always, put aside our struggles and insecurities, or actually have them put aside for us as fully and completely realized new creations, unshackled by the shadow of understanding that we have of Him in this world, into a full revelation of who He is in the next?

I thought so too. Continue reading “Don’t Be So… Heavenly-Minded?”