Don’t Be So… Heavenly-Minded?

Shouldn’t we long for Heaven? 

Practically, we are here on this earth to live and proclaim Christ with our mouths, and our lives. To possibly suffer trials and difficulties, as well as enjoy the blessings of God for the Glory of God. In daily practice, as much as we are able, we are called to resist sin, and trust that Christ’s perfect work in his life and death are working in us and through us. Despite those real tangible things occurring in and around our lives, isn’t it that final destination that should be our ultimate desire? Shouldn’t being with Him, directly, personally, be the final desire of every believer? A place where we might finally once and for always, put aside our struggles and insecurities, or actually have them put aside for us as fully and completely realized new creations, unshackled by the shadow of understanding that we have of Him in this world, into a full revelation of who He is in the next?

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Grace Encourages…

There is a tendency for those of us who’ve been burned-or flat out abused-by a church experience to almost violently reject any kind of encouragement to do something or change anything and then label it legalism or a kind of pharisaical religiosity. I get it, I truly do. But when the light of the Gospel of Grace opens your eyes and the shackles of trying to prove yourself worthy of that falls off, the bible still contains words that encourage us. Some of the “do’s” are still there. They are still there, but they’re now divorced from any worry of meeting the high standard set by them, or trying to hold up your “obedience” as a trophy to prove your worth to God, or as the key that grants you entrance to His kingdom. In other words, sometimes, even as we relish our freedom under the banner of God’s Grace, we are encouraged to do things. Continue reading “Grace Encourages…”

The CHF Articles: It’s OK To Move

It’s a January day in New York City and the building I work in is just off the water. What this means is that it’s cold out and not just cold but cold with a biting wind. As the phrase goes, “you can feel it in your bones.” My day starts early by dropping my teenager off to school nearby then waiting in my car for the doors of my courthouse to open. The officer arrives and while he makes his quick trip around the corner for coffee and a buttered roll, I get out and make my way to the doors knowing he’ll be here in a few short minutes. That’s the time, though short as it is, that the cold really starts to set in. I don’t like the cold weather anymore, but I endure it better than most. Today, as I endured for the very short minutes that I had to, I thought of the homeless around the city. I know the city agencies and the private firms do their best to shelter them in extreme weather conditions, but they’ll also be some that for one reason or another, stay on the streets. They’ll sleep on subway grates and in building crevices and in train stations and use anything they can to lessen the sting of the wintery chill.

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The CHF Articles: It’s Just Coffee…?

I saw it coming… I did.

I could’ve stopped it, but I didn’t. I’m surprised that I didn’t turn my back to receive a pat as I let loose from lips, how good and saintly I was. What a reminder, that we are all susceptible to looking for the adulation of others.

Let me explain…

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