Heaven “Bound”

Are you heaven “bound”?

I don’t mean bound as if your headed on some trip,

following this road, or that, to bring you where you want to be at,

so all your greatest desires will be fulfilled.

That’s a reality of Heaven that doesn’t exist!

It’s the Devil’s greatest myth! Continue reading “Heaven “Bound””


Don’t Be So… Heavenly-Minded?

Shouldn’t we long for Heaven? 

Practically, we are here on this earth to live and proclaim Christ with our mouths, and our lives. To possibly suffer trials and difficulties, as well as enjoy the blessings of God for the Glory of God. In daily practice, as much as we are able, we are called to resist sin, and trust that Christ’s perfect work in his life and death are working in us and through us. Despite those real tangible things occurring in and around our lives, isn’t it that final destination that should be our ultimate desire? Shouldn’t being with Him, directly, personally, be the final desire of every believer? A place where we might finally once and for always, put aside our struggles and insecurities, or actually have them put aside for us as fully and completely realized new creations, unshackled by the shadow of understanding that we have of Him in this world, into a full revelation of who He is in the next?

I thought so too. Continue reading “Don’t Be So… Heavenly-Minded?”