My Walmart Purgatory

It’s early Sunday morning, and I’m at a gas station just outside of Detroit, filling up for a long drive home. Around 9 hours ahead of me, to be exact. The last thing I need to see on my dashboard, is the “low tire pressure” light on. I inspect the back tire on the driver’s side, and my fear is fully realized. I’m totally screwed! No, really. It’s a big fat screw robbing my tire of the precious air it needs for it to get me home. As per the hotel clerk, I was left two choices; the local gas-station mechanic, which wasn’t open yet, and would undoubtedly have access to limited supplies on a lazy Sunday morning, or the super-sized Walmart, just short of a mile down the road.  I hastily made my choice, and I suppose I’ll have to live with that for the rest of my life. Continue reading “My Walmart Purgatory”


Church Plant Memoirs: What Was I Thinking?

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Nearly 9:00 PM, and I feel like a prisoner in my car. If there is one thing I feared the most about being part of a church plant in the heart of New York City, this would be it. Continue reading “Church Plant Memoirs: What Was I Thinking?”

Just 10 More Pounds…

Nothing like talking about weight loss!

I get so tired of being fat. A few years ago, I “slimmed down” to roughly 230 pounds, and was feeling pretty good about myself. Now, that’s not skinny for a short guy, but with my frame, it wasn’t bad as I continued on. Well, for a variety of factors, which included stress and laziness, my weight went back up, topping at a whopping 261 pounds, which is to date, my heaviest. It took me awhile, but eventually I did reenter the “bulge battle.” When I did, it was like starting over.  It felt like turning the key on a cold engine in an old car. It sometimes takes a while to catch, but eventually it turns over, then you throw it in gear, and you’re on your way. Presently at this time, I am 40 pounds lighter with 25 or so to go, but frankly, there are days I’m just tired of trying. I’d rather poke a hole in the “gas line”, or pull a few “wires” so I can leave the car in the driveway and stay right where I am. Continue reading “Just 10 More Pounds…”

Me Too…

(Originally written in 2015 – and sadly still relevant for me too)

As I began this post, It’s the Saturday morning before Christmas and I’m tucked away in a corner booth in a local diner all by myself. While I wait for my eggs, I go for the comfort food of choice, Rice Krispies. It doesn’t have quite the same “snap, crackle, pop” I remember, but it’s a wonderful connection to memories past. Something about hearing those sounds and feeling the airy crunch makes me long for no responsibility except waking up early enough for Saturday morning cartoons. Continue reading “Me Too…”

God Has A “Specific” Plan For Your Life!

…A Parable

Myles was a drug addict before he came to faith in Christ. Now, He uses that past life to minister to other addicts in his community. He does his best to help by using the gift he believes God has specifically given him. Most of all, he shares the Gospel with them. Some hear the words, and are moved by them to repent and trust in Christ. Some others hear the words and leave unaffected. Whatever the circumstances or results, Myles keeps on walking out that specific plan God has for his life. Continue reading “God Has A “Specific” Plan For Your Life!”

How Do We Move Forward?

Help me understand.

While I don’t necessarily agree with the manner of how things unfolded in this recent controversy over a former, now disgraced pastor, I understand the need for revelation. I know it’s for the benefit of the people hurt by all of it, as well as for the church, so it can begin to find ways to be more diligent in trying to see better where it may be still be happening, or recognize signs before it happens. The allegations made by the all parties hurt gave the impression that the church didn’t care or wasn’t listening. To that, I just don’t know. It appears they tried as best as possible, with the info they had, to deal with it in a biblical fashion. It turned out badly, seemingly having more to do with deception and unrepentance than anything else. Many have been sadden by the whole thing because it didn’t work. I share in that sadness. Continue reading “How Do We Move Forward?”

The Leaning Church of Grace

This has been quite the week. I’ve seen, and at times, been in the middle of what seemed to be a christian social media “superstorm.” It all revolved around the mounting allegations against this already disgraced former pastor. It seems that new stories continue to pour out on an almost daily basis from a variety of sources across the internet. A number of minor bloggers and podcasters are helping to tell the stories of people manipulated and hurt, by what seems to be, this unrepentant man. It’s unfortunate that as many of this stories come forth, we have to admit that they paint a picture that’s hard to argue against their legitimacies. Continue reading “The Leaning Church of Grace”

God, The Devil or . . .

Sometimes you reflex(yes, RE-FLEX!) back to old habits or ways of doing things. I had a moment like that when not long ago, I reflexed back to 10 plus years of old abstract, and quite frankly silly pentecostal leanings that I thought were firmly hidden away behind some door in my mind. I was both appalled by them and a little amused. The thought that came to mind, that I will share in a moment, is one that could be used for either side of the spectrum of what God or Satan is doing in that moment. Continue reading “God, The Devil or . . .”

What’s Normal?

It’s a few days before the election, and I’m not as concerned about who the next president will be as I am about my own little self-absorbed life. For the past five months or so, I’ve been hard at work on getting my weight down to a reasonable level. That means some vigorous exercise, and watching what I eat, are essential. I’ve done a decent job going from 261lbs down to a mere 216lbs, with roughly 20 or more pounds to go. While the feeling of euphoria in getting on the scale, and seeing the needle dip a little lower each day, is pretty amazing, I’ve hated the process. Though I love what’s staring back at me in the mirror, especially now that I fit in the mirror, the reality is that this process is so far from who I am, I can’t even begin to explain it. I keep hoping that it’ll “kick-in” one day, and I’ll actually like working out, and not eating food that doesn’t appeal to me. I recognize the danger in hating it is that I could go off the rails and rebound with a double cheeseburger in both hands, and a chocolate shake dripping from my chin. Most people yoyo with their weight. I’ve been one of those myself. Because of that, I’m trying to find a happy medium that is loving the results enough to hate, but not reject the process. Continue reading “What’s Normal?”

Hypocrisy From A Hypocrite (or Just Another Nut Talking!)

I am a hypocrite.

For so many reasons that I don’t care to mention, it’s what I am. Right now, in this moment, I’m a hypocrite for calling you one for calling out other people as hypocrites. The irony is tangible. This will probably go down in the decades, years, umm, months of blogging as a “rant”. I can live with that. I’m just a little tired of all the people who love to assess a person, group or situation without first looking at themselves so that maybe they might choose their words wisely or wisely just shut up! Again, I know I’m just as guilty and probably more so. Continue reading “Hypocrisy From A Hypocrite (or Just Another Nut Talking!)”