Church Plant Memoirs: Come and See

This is less a memoir and more an event, but it fits with the theme. Along with so many new things I’ve learned about church, church planting, God and how he might encourage me towards serving in different areas, this was a bold and scary step for me.

This was my first sermon ever.

Come and see…


What I’m Praying For…

Technically this is not a blogpost. It’s a prayer, a good prayer. A succinct one and a heartfelt cry. So I thought I’d share it and maybe others could pray for this as well. Pastor Erick, my soon to be former pastor, is praying this prayer as he begins the process of planting a church in heart of NYC. It’s a challenge, but one he and others are ready to take on. Please pray this prayer for him and this new church, but also for yourself and your own neighborhoods, cities, states and countries. It’s not a magic formula, but it is an honest cry to God our Father to see Christ revealed to the world.
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