Church Plant Memoirs: A Plea for Prayer

With the new year fast approaching, I wanted to give you one more article from the church plant memoirs. This is less an article, and more a plea. A month ago, my pastor encouraged me to take the pulpit from him one Sunday evening this coming January. I’m reluctantly agreeing, with the caveat that he have a sermon prepared just in case. Though I’ve spoken briefly at men’s ministry events, this will be the first time I’ll be preparing and preaching a sermon on a Sunday. Everyone has their first time, and at 48 years old, this will be mine. When I started helping with this church plant, preaching was the furthest from my mind. Of course, I never thought I’d be driving into the city on a weekly(sometimes more than weekly) basis to help out with a church plant. The plans of man versus the plans of God and all that jazz. Right? Continue reading “Church Plant Memoirs: A Plea for Prayer”


The Performance Trap!

I was thinking back to an old devotional I read (and probably never finished), Holiness: Day by Day, by Jerry Bridges  I really liked reading his works, and this was no different. He has a way of focusing everything on the Gospel and the cross, as well as God’s mercy and grace in such a way, I sometimes wonder if he isn’t snatching the thoughts right from my head so he can speak directly and exclusively to me. Continue reading “The Performance Trap!”

Why I’m NOT A Christian…

My life feels like a mess some  days. I feel more and more like I’ve failed in so many areas of my life, but most of all, in my Christian faith. In fact, some days I just don’t feel very “Christian” and if you were to honestly examine my life, I wonder if you would find any doubt of that. So why am I not a Christian? Why don’t I feel like one? Continue reading “Why I’m NOT A Christian…”

What I’m Praying For…

Technically this is not a blogpost. It’s a prayer, a good prayer. A succinct one and a heartfelt cry. So I thought I’d share it and maybe others could pray for this as well. Pastor Erick, my soon to be former pastor, is praying this prayer as he begins the process of planting a church in heart of NYC. It’s a challenge, but one he and others are ready to take on. Please pray this prayer for him and this new church, but also for yourself and your own neighborhoods, cities, states and countries. It’s not a magic formula, but it is an honest cry to God our Father to see Christ revealed to the world.
Continue reading “What I’m Praying For…”