The CHF Articles: The Other Criminal’s Demand: “Save Us!”

There was another criminal next to Christ the day he died. He was aware of who Jesus was, and why he was there. Unlike the other criminal who seemed to accept his fate and cry out for mercy, this one had a different plan. He knew this innocent man hanging next to him was alleged to be more than just a good Rabbi with followers that sat under his teachings. Continue reading “The CHF Articles: The Other Criminal’s Demand: “Save Us!””


The CHF Articles: Repentant Enough?

If you’ve been in church long enough, you might have seen the worst of someone’s unrepentant sin get them kicked out, cast out, excommunicated or “handed over to Satan so their flesh might die and their soul might live.” Maybe, you’ve been the one cast out or you quietly “pumped a fist” (at least in your head), happy to see someone, “get what they deserve.” This casting out may have even been a leader or a pastor who fell into grave misconduct. Whatever the case and however it’s done within the local church body, once judgement rightly falls, and the person, now confronted and broken by their sin, repents, what next? Continue reading “The CHF Articles: Repentant Enough?”

What Killed Ananias & Sapphira?

In light of everything else written in the New Testament Epistles about the life of the Christian, God immediately smacking down the hand of justice upon Ananias and Sapphira for their lack of moral character, seems dubious. Now, numerous Old Testament passages appear to show God routinely punishing His people for rebellion and sin. Of course a closer look shows us a God who regularly held back punishment, putting up with much before finally bringing correction. So why were these two in the book of Acts so quickly dealt with? To be honest, I’m not sure. Some scholars have speculated at whether or not they were true believers, and others state that at such an early time in the development of the church where the Spirit was present in the community, it was important to deal with any issues of distrust and disunity immediately, and that was what God did with Anaias and Sapphira. Continue reading “What Killed Ananias & Sapphira?”

The Leaning Church of Grace

This has been quite the week. I’ve seen, and at times, been in the middle of what seemed to be a christian social media “superstorm.” It all revolved around the mounting allegations against this already disgraced former pastor. It seems that new stories continue to pour out on an almost daily basis from a variety of sources across the internet. A number of minor bloggers and podcasters are helping to tell the stories of people manipulated and hurt, by what seems to be, this unrepentant man. It’s unfortunate that as many of this stories come forth, we have to admit that they paint a picture that’s hard to argue against their legitimacies. Continue reading “The Leaning Church of Grace”

The CHF Articles: The Long, Sad Road Of An Unrepentant Life

I was recently challenged to write about someone I know. A very specific someone who is extremely flawed and broken, even if they don’t know it or care to admit it. Though we later joked about the specifics of why I was challenged to write it, which we actually both forgot, we were sure there was either a spiritual or life lesson attached to it. So I sat at my keyboard intrigued by the opportunity and these are the words that followed.

Source: The Long Sad Road Of An Unrepentant Life