The CHF Articles: I Am The Reason For The Season

I apologize to you, all the people of the world.

I apologize for my part in making Christmas necessary. I have learned that Christ is NOT the reason for the season, I am. It’s true. All the sin and shame I bear for all my wrongdoings have made it a necessity for Christ to come in the form of a man, being born of a virgin. Right from my birth, scarred with a heart that needed cleansing, my very existence meant that a sacrifice would be needed on my behalf. Continue reading “The CHF Articles: I Am The Reason For The Season”


The CHF Articles: The Criminal’s Prayer: “Remember Me!”

I’m afraid of dying.

I am a Christian and I am horribly afraid of falling bridges, crashing planes, turned over cars and anything else that you can think of that would include my body being mangled into a mess of bones and flesh. Please don’t comfort me with, “If a plane crashes, you’ll die quick” and other little catchy things like that. I don’t walk around overly pre-occupied with it. It doesn’t stop me from driving …over bridges …to an airport. It might make me uncomfortable and irritable on a flight, which I admit I try to do as little as possible. But on occasion, I’ll still board a plane. Can I be a Christian and be afraid of dying? I hope so.

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Source: The Criminal’s Prayer: “Remember Me!” (9/28/16)

Betrayal’s Payment, Salvation’s Price.

If an Ox gores a slave, male or female, the owner shall give to their master thirty shekels of Silver and the Ox shall be stoned. – Exodus: 21:32

Was thirty shekels of silver worth the price of death? Was it worth the life of this precious Savior of the world? It seems such an insignificant amount, not just for the price of a Savior, but a plain, ordinary, everyday, human life as well. Considering how much we spend yearly on new toys and gadgets, only to be lucky to sell it for a third of that once the new gizmos come out, it seems a poor price for Judas to accept to give this precious life up. But history tells us that 30 shekels of silver is what was paid. When looked at in light of Scripture, there is a symmetry to it that makes perfect sense. We see that it cost that, and of course, so much more. We should be thankful that it did. Continue reading “Betrayal’s Payment, Salvation’s Price.”