I Am A Saint!

So I’ve told you what a sinner I am. I need no convincing of this ever-present, always-revealing fact. At any given moment, my thoughts, words or actions prove this out. But I am something more. I am also a saint. Continue reading “I Am A Saint!”


I Am A Sinner

I am a Sinner!

I know that phrase, according to some, is thrown around a bit too much as of late. It’s said that maybe the people who like to use it, like me, look at it almost as if it’s a rite of passage, or a badge to proudly wear. Maybe the reason people don’t like it is because they think we’re making excuses for our sinful natures, and not really letting the Gospel drive us from our sins. I think the terminology for this concern is called antinomianism. The idea that we are not regulated or governed by God’s law anymore because of grace that covers our sins. This allows us to live lawless, sin-rich lives without so much of a care. It’s all a bit too ridiculous how quickly people get labeled an antinomian. I’m not a theologian by any stretch of the word, and that makes me more surprised when I see those that are so heavily studied, quick to call another of their learned brethren a heretic. These seminary alumni would have the most richest sense of what these words mean and should be hesitant to throw any label on someone’s teachings until the most careful of studies. In a bit of irony, you might even say what they’re doing is sinful. Bare false witness lately anyone? Anyone? Continue reading “I Am A Sinner”

Mindful Ramblings From A Saintly Sinner

How do you say, “you’re a sinner”, without sounding like you’re making an excuse for your sin, even if you’re not? How you do say, “you’re a saint”, without boasting in it, even though people seem to indicate you should?

There are days when the puzzles that stir within me, come to a head and make the most challenging word jumble you’ve ever seen. Continue reading “Mindful Ramblings From A Saintly Sinner”