Understanding Scripture ‎

Christians love to talk about how you can read a scripture a hundred times and miss the point, and then all of a sudden, BOOM! God throws His revelation smack-down on you, and you, in awesome wonder try to understand why you never saw it before. Some will cite that God all of a sudden “deposited truth in your spirit”, as if you didn’t have this ability to comprehend what was there before. But that doesn’t jibe for me. There are plenty of unbelieving scholars and professors, hollow and empty of God, that grasp those things and simply don’t believe them. Continue reading “Understanding Scripture ‎”

Job’s Faith: God’s Favor.

There was a man in the land of Uz whose name was Job, and that man was blameless and upright, one who feared God and turned away from evil. There were born to him seven sons and three daughters. He possessed 7,000 sheep, 3,000 camels, 500 yoke of oxen, and 500 female donkeys, and very many servants, so that this man was the greatest of all the people of the east. Job 1:1-3

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The internet is a “world” that we live in, though certainly different from the one whose streets we normally walk. I look out across the internet, and see so many different types of people. Some are guarded, and others are funny. some have an air of seriousness about them, and a few people let themselves be exposed right to the bone. I see lots of, “life is great”, “God has blessed me”, and “everything is awesome!” Even the ones that lay out their lives for others to see so that they may see themselves in it and be comforted and helped, seem to carry their burdens with a measure of strength that appears to say, “yes, I’m a mess, but I’m a neat mess.” It’s more likely I’m reading it through my own messier mess. Continue reading “Words…”

Why I’m NOT A Christian…

My life feels like a mess some  days. I feel more and more like I’ve failed in so many areas of my life, but most of all, in my Christian faith. In fact, some days I just don’t feel very “Christian” and if you were to honestly examine my life, I wonder if you would find any doubt of that. So why am I not a Christian? Why don’t I feel like one? Continue reading “Why I’m NOT A Christian…”

Context, Context, Context… (Did God Really Say That?)

Does anyone else ever consider the first thing Satan does in Genesis?

He changes God’s command to Adam and Eve or at least plants a seed of doubt that leads to the eventual stretching or mangling of His command. “Did God actually say, ‘you shall not eat of ANY tree of the garden?'” He tweaks the words of God just enough to make them question their knowledge, understanding, and maybe even their interpretation of what He said. Not only does he plant that seed of doubt, he then makes the misinterpretation look appetizing. “What he meant was, you’ll be like Him if you eat from it.” Thus, begins a long, difficult road for mankind. But it is one that begins and ends in hope, which of course is the gospel of Jesus Christ.
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