The CHF Articles: The Other Criminal’s Demand: “Save Us!”

There was another criminal next to Christ the day he died. He was aware of who Jesus was, and why he was there. Unlike the other criminal who seemed to accept his fate and cry out for mercy, this one had a different plan. He knew this innocent man hanging next to him was alleged to be more than just a good Rabbi with followers that sat under his teachings. Continue reading “The CHF Articles: The Other Criminal’s Demand: “Save Us!””


Saturday Mourn, Hopelessness Realized.

This is a follow up to my Good Friday post. It’s just another attempt to really consider where his followers stood right before that Resurrection Sunday. My desire is that as we get closer to Easter, we might consider more deeply his death so we might relish more His return.

Have you ever considered this day? Continue reading “Saturday Mourn, Hopelessness Realized.”

Today’s The Day…

We call it Good Friday, and it is. We know what that means. We know the salvation it brings to have our sins paid for on the cross. We know the new life we have in his resurrection. But I wondered if we ever truly contemplated what was happening in the hearts and minds of his followers (at least the ones that were left) in those hours that he was taken and crucified?  This is my attempt to sort through that. It’s simply a poem to consider what was happening, and without the benefit of history,  how we might have seen it through the eyes that believed and followed him.  My prayer is that this poem might make you think a little more deeply about that Friday, and even that Saturday (see tomorrow for that thought.) and hopefully by thinking on these things, make that resurrection Sunday that much sweeter!

If you truly like it, could you be kind enough to share it on all your social media sites so others might have an opportunity to ponder what a Good Friday it really is.

Today’s the day he was betrayed by a friend,

as a simple kiss led to an arrest. Continue reading “Today’s The Day…”

Betrayal’s Payment, Salvation’s Price.

If an Ox gores a slave, male or female, the owner shall give to their master thirty shekels of Silver and the Ox shall be stoned. – Exodus: 21:32

Was thirty shekels of silver worth the price of death? Was it worth the life of this precious Savior of the world? It seems such an insignificant amount, not just for the price of a Savior, but a plain, ordinary, everyday, human life as well. Considering how much we spend yearly on new toys and gadgets, only to be lucky to sell it for a third of that once the new gizmos come out, it seems a poor price for Judas to accept to give this precious life up. But history tells us that 30 shekels of silver is what was paid. When looked at in light of Scripture, there is a symmetry to it that makes perfect sense. We see that it cost that, and of course, so much more. We should be thankful that it did. Continue reading “Betrayal’s Payment, Salvation’s Price.”

“We Would Like To See Jesus…”

John 12:20 – 33

“We would like to see Jesus”

This was the plea of some Greeks who wanted to meet Jesus while they were worshiping at a festival. How simple and direct this request is. There are still days as a Christian that I want to see Jesus. I want the experience and the feelings. I want the tangible expression of God to be over me so I could have no doubt. The reality though, is that this has never been my experience. Quite often, I feel cold to all of it. Not unfeeling or uncaring but simply devoid of the “experiential” aspect of the Christian faith that all too often dominates the headlines in a majority of Christian circles. Continue reading ““We Would Like To See Jesus…””