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The Defeated…

So, why am I here?

Well, I don’t know if I have a specific reason other than I like to write. I like to try to take the jumble of mayhem that goes on daily in my head and form a cohesive enough statement that whoever dares read it might understand me a bit better, and whatever it is I’m talking about. My topics vary, but for the most part it will settle on, and around Christianity, faith in God, and what that looks like for us daily, along with some other general life observations. I don’t know if I’ll ever write well enough to be able to publish anything officially (to make money), but at least in this forum, I get my thoughts out there, and it hopefully encourages someone on occasion. I also hope it serves to improve this raw skill. So, that’s why this blog exists.

Now, What about the name?

Well, I’ve had different blog names in the past. “Too Many Thorns” is probably the one I had longest before settling on “Defeated Victor”. Both fit me pretty well. I’m a sinner who struggles often, but knows despite that, my ultimate victory lies in resting in the truth of the cross, and what Christ has done for me, as well as for everyone, in reconciling the world to himself. They’ll probably never be a time where I don’t write about sin and grace. It’s a part of me. it’s just who I am. I know the most important thing in the world is NOT a blog name, but I’d like to have something I’m comfortable with.

Before you say it, I know I’m NOT limiting myself by describing myself as “the defeated”, in the same way calling yourself a sinner is not limiting yourself in your Christian life. If anything, it’s an acknowledgement that every GOOD thing, including your victories over struggles come from Christ and his perfectly lived life and death. I have been, and at times still, struggle with defeats, but Christ has borne them all and more to come. I wear his righteousness as a victory medal around my neck. Everyone that God has gifted to have faith in Christ, will hear, “well done good and faithful servant” because the well done is according to Christ work attributed to us. For this I am thankful.

I pray that whatever your name is, you might be assured that Jesus has promised to be our strength in our weakness, our sacrifice for our sins and our victor over death.

And now you know…

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